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The PowerHouse Formula

Our Formula

Down to a science.
Window cleaning down to a science. 🔬


Applying the window cleaning solution that not only cleans the glass, but keeps your windows clean for twice as long. Our Wash and Wax Formula leaves an invisible shield on your windows that fights off, dirt, dust, and pollen.


The scraper method is used to remove residue, paint, pollen, and any form of debris. Our specialists are required to use only bendable ceramic blades, ensuring no risk of cracks or scratches.


Our scrubbing pad is harsh on the debris but soft on the glass. Believe it or not, our scrubbing pads are constructed from almonds.


The most effective drying method for glass, leaving it without streaks or glare.

Rag Work.

The cherry on top. The final and most important step to our traditional window cleaning procedure.

Spice it up with a handful of luxury add-ons.

Track Cleaning

Screen Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Border Cleaning

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