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Still haven’t professionally cleaned your solar panel?

The 3 Main Reasons to Clean Your Solar Panels:

1. Maximize the lifespan
The longevity of your solar panels is strongly correlated with the frequency and quality of care. Solar panel experts advise professional panel cleanings at least twice a year. In order to obtain maximum longevity, studies suggest a professional solar panel inspection and cleaning on a quarterly basis. Solar panels are a solid investment as long as they are taken care of. Solar panels that are maintained properly can last 25+ years.
2. Improve Efficiency
Professional cleanings increase the overall efficiency of your panels.

The more sunshine that reaches the solar panels, the more electricity produced. If the panels are clear from dust, branches, leaves, pollen, and other debris, more sunlight can be captured.

When you optimize the amount of sunshine reaching the panels, the cost you will need to pay for using electricity from your utility will decrease. According to a research study conducted by the University of Malaga, prolonged periods without cleaning or even rain, reduced daily solar output by 20%.
3. Warranty
The majority of solar panel installation and manufacturing companies specify “regular cleanings” as a warranty condition. Improper panel care can cause your warranty to be voided. Although solar panel companies will not ask for cleaning invoices, most professionals can easily identify panels that have been taken care of vs. panels that have never been cleaned.
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