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How we can help.

Roof Cleaning

Our roof-friendly cleaning method produces exceptional results 100% of the time.

House Soft Wash

Our paint-friendly, low-pressure treatment is just what your house needs to look brand new.

Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure removes any form of debris that restrains a surface from looking up to par.

What makes us different?

We go above and beyond by taking several precautionary measures.
PowerHouse applies a chemical treatment before and after our pressure cleaning services.
Why does this matter ?
1: A post-treatment will help keep the surface clean for a longer period of time.
2: It ensures that once the surface is completely dry, there will be no form of lines or stripes from the cleaning machines.
3: It will kill off any remaining bacteria left on the surface.
Our team irrigates your landscape before, during, and after our soft washes.
That way, if overspray from the chemical mixture lands on the landscape, the chemical will instantly become diluted, ensuring no harm to the landscape’s life.
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